1、— Happy New Year to you and your parents!–

  A:No,thank you

  B:You are happy, too

  C:Yes, we are happy

  D:The same to you

答案: D

2、– I have passed the English exam. – _______.


  B:Good luck

  C:Come on

  D:Well done

答案: D

3、— Please help yourself to the seafood(海鲜).–

  A:No, I can’t.

  B:Sorry, I can’t help.

  C:Well, seafood don’t suit.

  D:Thanks, but I don’t like seafood.

答案: D

4、– This box is too heavy for me to carry it upstairs(楼上).-

  A:You may ask for help.

  B:I’ll give you a hand.我来增援您

  C:Please do me a favor.

  D:I’d come to help.

答案: B

5、– Wow! This is a marvelous(不可思议的) room! I’ve never known
you’re so artistic(艺术的).- ______

  A:Great, I am very art-conscious.

  B:Don’t mention it.

  C:Thanks for your compliments(赞美).

  D:It’s fine.

答案: C


1、Today the official language(官方语言) of the United States and
most of Canada is English. However, French almost (差一点) became the
official language because of a war.

The French and Indian War was fought between 1754 and 1763. The name of
this war is not accurate(精确的, 准确的) because the war was actually
between England and France. The Indians fought on the side of the

France and England were trying to gain(获得) control of North
America. France held Canada, and England held part of what is now the
United States. However, France tried to expand(扩张) its land by
moving southward(南方的) into New York, Pennsylvania(宾夕法尼亚州),
Ohio(俄亥俄州), and Virginia(维吉尼亚). When the French built a
fort(堡垒)on the Ohio River, the residents(居民) in Virginia sent
George Washington(乔治华盛顿) to attack(攻击) the fort in 1752. However,
the French defeated( 战胜,击败 ) Washington.

The French, aided(援助) by the Indians, outsmarted(比…..聪明) the
English and won many early battles(战役). Later, the British began to
do well against the French. In the final battle in Quebec(魁北克),
Canada, General Wolfe(乌尔夫) of England faced General
Montcalm(蒙卡尔姆) from France. Both generals died in this battle, but
the English outlasted(比…..持久)the French and won the battle.
Thus(于是), most of North America today has the English culture and

 (1)、The best title for this passage is “The French and Indian



答案: B

(2)、The word “gain” in the 3rd paragraph is closest in meaning



答案: B

(3)、We may conclude(得出结论; 断定) that George Washington
preferred(首选的) the English.



答案: A

(4)、General Wolfe died in Canada.



答案: A

(5)、Washington won his battle at the fort on the Ohio River.



答案: B

2、    Places to stay in Britain are as varied(多种多样的,多彩的) as
the places you visit. Whatever your budget(预算) is the choice -from
basic barn(仓房) to small hotel, from tiny cottage(小农舍) to grand
castle(宏伟的城建) – is all part of fun.


    Cheap廉价的, good—value hostels are aimed(针对) at all types of
like-minded(具有相似意向或目的的) travelers, who prefer(更爱) value
over luxury(物有所值) and you don’t have to be young or single to use
them. Britain’s independent(独立) hostels and backpackers(背包客)
hostels also offer a great welcome. Facilities(设施) and prices
vary(呈现不同), especially(尤其, 特别) in rural(农村的) areas, where
some hostels are a little more than a bunkhouse (临时住房) while others
are remarkably comfortable(非常清爽) - almost like bargain(廉价)

Youth Hotels

     Founded(成立) many years ago to “help all, especially young people
of limited means, to a greater knowledge, love and care of the
countryside(乡下, 农村)”, the Youth Hotels Association(协会, 社团) is
still going strong in the 21st century. The network of 230
hotels is a perfect gateway for exploring Britain’s towns and


       The B&B (bed and breakfast) is a Great British
institution(习俗), In essence(本质) you get a room in somebody’s house,
and small B&Bs may only have one guest room, so you’ll really feel like
part of the family. Larger B&Bs may have four or five rooms and more
facilities(设施), but just as warm as a welcome.

        In country areas your B&B might be in a village(村庄) or an
isolated(单独的) farm surrounded by(被…环绕在的) fields. Prices reflect
facilities: and usually run from around £12 to £20 per person. City B&Bs
charge(费用) about £25 to £30 per person, although they’re often cheaper
as you go further out to the suburbs(郊区, 城郊).

Pubs & Inns酒店&客栈

     As well as selling drinks and meals, Britain’s pubs and inns
sometimes offer B&B, particularly(特别; 尤其) in country areas. Staying
a night or two can be great fun and puts you at the heart of the local

     Rates range from around £15 to £25 per person. Pubs are more likely
to have single rooms.

(1)、In this passage the author mainly ________.

  A:tells us where to stay while visiting Britain

  B:advises readers to pay a visit to Britain

  C:introduces the wonderful public services in Britain

  D:gives us some information about British life

答案: A

(2)、________ are mainly built for young visitors.

  A:Pubs & Inns

  B:Youth Hotels



答案: B

(3)、If you travel alone and want to know better about family life
in Britain, you’d better stay in ________.

  A:Pubs & Inns

  B:Youth Hotels



答案: D

(4)、If you are interested in travelling with your friends but only
with limited means, where is the better place for you to stay?

  A:Pubs & Inns

  B:Youth Hotels



答案: C

(5)、Which of the following is NOT true according to the last part
of the passage? __________

  A:Pubs and inns usually provide visitors bed and breakfast.

  B:all pubs and inns offer visitors bed and breakfast.

  C:Pubs and inns charge a visitor £25 at the most.

  D:If you want a single room, you are more likely to get one in

答案: B


1、The weather in Harbin is quite different from ________ in



  C:the one


答案: A

2、“I think it will be fine tomorrow.””Oh, I hope _______.”


  B:it be          


  D:it does         

答案: C

3、Never before _______ see such a terrible car accident on
the road!

  A:I have     

  B:have I      

  C:I did

  D:did I

答案: D

4、People at the party worried about him, because no one was aware
____ he had gone.

  A:of where

  B:of the place where


  D:the place

答案: A

5、 Mike is better than Peter ____ swimming.





答案: B


    The world is not only hungry; it is also thirsty(渴望) for water.
This may seem strange(奇怪的) to you, since nearly 75% of the earth’s
surface is covered with water. But about 97% of this huge(巨大的,
庞大的) amount is seawater,   1    salt water. Man can
only drink and use the other 3% of the fresh water that comes from
rivers, lakes, underground, and other   2   .     

    And we can’t even use all of that, because some of it is in the form
of icebergs(冰山) and glaciers(冰川). Even worse(更糟的,), some of
it has been polluted(污染).

    However, as things stand today, this small amount of fresh
water,which is constantly(不断地) being replaced by
rainfall(下雨,降雨), is still enough for us. But our need   3   water is increasing
rapidly(迅速地) – almost day by day. We all have to learn how to stop
wasting our previous water. One of the first steps we should   4  is to develop ways of
reusing( 重新使用) it.       

    Experiments(专家) have already been done in this   5  , but only on a small
scale(规模). The systems that have been worked out resemble(像…,
类似于) those used in spacecraft(航天器; 宇宙飞船).

  A:take  B:or  C:sources  D:for  E:case







(1)、We should encourage him to have confidence in himself.

(2)、Are you fond of music?

(3)、Let me type in your address and then open the account.

(4)、Bill hit his car into a wall last night.





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